Oct 26, 2010

a home of my own

as of 10/22/2010 i am officially a home owner.  i can't explain all the emotions that went into this purchase. it has been a long time coming.  after settlement i was driving and crying thinking how blessed i am to have this opportunity to own a home where so many in this country cannot even imagine it.  truly i am blessed.  i have fantastic parents who have been right there beside my side during the time.  my supportive friends who i don't know what i would do without them.  

i'm ready to make many memories in my new home

Oct 20, 2010

sorry sorry sorry

i have been m.i.a.  i have to say i've had a busy couple of months.  i am happy to announce that come 10/22 i will be a first time home owner.  that still sounds so strange.  a home owner.  reality hasn't sunk in as of yet.  i haven't started freaking out yet.  ask me come december when i have to make my first mortgage  payment.  (i'm grinning while typing mortgage payment).

i have to say that i have the most amazing parents that any child could have.  they truly do help make my dreams come true.  that have been by my side all through this process and i don't know what i would have done without them.  i hope that i am even half of a parent as they are.  they do not believe that parenting ends when a child turns 18.  the funny thing house is about four houses away from my parents.  i've starting listing ground rules down for my father.  1) no late night walks  2) don't ask who's car is in my driveway 3) don't ask why that car from last night is still in my driveway come the morning 4) no binoculars 5) if another car is in my driveway...its safe to assume i'm not alone 6) my days off are for sleeping coming over to tinker in my yard prior to 10am.  we'll see how these rules work.

i also have to say that i have the most amazing realtor.  i can't believe how lucky i am to have this person.  if anyone is in search of a home in south jersey...let me recommend this lady.  she is amazing.  she follows up with me to make sure i'm comfortable with everything.  she was so understanding during my hunt and never once pressured me into a home or added her opinion unlike others that i have used.  simply simply amazing.  all i have left to find in my life is a companion.

i have to laugh when i think of the movie "he's just not into you"  yeah that's my life and i have to remind myself that each day.  one day.  i know one day.