Apr 29, 2010

feeling like crap

i'm one person who becomes a big baby when i'm sick.  for some reason yesterday and today i have felt simply horrible.  and to top it all off, i noticed i took sinus meds that were expired.  great.  so then as i was digging (yes digging) through my linen closet for other meds, it took me about five minutes to open the damn thing.  why do they have to make those packages soo damn hard to open.  oh that rights..cause there are stupid people that like to leave meds around where kids can get a hold of them.  granted i know that kids become smart and figure out how to get to things they want, but ensure you lock up meds.  right about now i could like to cut my head off and throw it out the window.  really i could.  on top of all that...i rather not go to the hell hole i call work.  don't want to deal with my employees on payday.  i feel like raw meat thrown at a hungry lion.  but to make my day better, bones and greys was on.

Apr 27, 2010

people come and go

found out today that a former resident of mine has passed.  this is one of the downfalls of my job.  losing these precious lives.  this woman had an amazing life.  the stories her daughters would tell me of her were amazing.  working on a cruise ship many many moons ago and then sneaking off to come to the promise land known as the US of A.  i always giggled at her scarfs that she would wear and her calling me "nurrssa".  i'm not a nurse by any means.  i know she is relaxing and enjoying all the cookies and pineapple juice she can drink in her special place. always made me smile and i am blessed having the chance to meet you and be part of your life.  god bless

if you are wondering

yes i know i am not using caps.  thought it would give a different look.  i like to be different

about work again.....

many of you are going to get tired of hearing me b*&%h about work, but hey...then don't read.  for those that don't know, i work in health care.  i work at a local nursing home providing nutritious meal for our residents.  i find it very rewarding.  nursing homes (aka long term care) i feel, have received such poor reviews over the years.  i know i had my thoughts of nursing homes prior to working here and both of my parents are also in health care.  my one beef (and not the only one) with people working in these facilities is that these residents depend on us.  many of them do not have family or family that do not want to be bothered by them.  this is their homes.  would you want someone to come into your home and treat you with such disrespect?  i think not.  i think that is why i love my job.  i can make someones day a little brighter.  coming into a ltc facility is not the end of all.  many of these individuals improve in health.  truly they do.  they eat better, they move better, their hygiene is better.  as much as i would like to b*&ch slap some of these nurses and even my employees, i love what i do.  if you ltc is a option for a love one, do your research.  i highly recommend a non-profit facility for the residents are exposed to more therapy programs and activities.

Apr 26, 2010


whoever said being the boss is the best...never was a boss. i come to work shaking my head wondering how these people ever manage to live their lives. its crazy that i consistently have to remind them what they have been doing for the last six months. really????? and they wonder why i always look pissed. please..if there is any advice out there to help deal with ignorate employees feel free to share with me.

Apr 25, 2010


so i've decided to start a blog. why you may ask. i need to sort though the crap in my life and i figured words would help. also to see if anyone is listening. so sit back and relax. some days i may be boring and some days i may be crazy. but everyday i'll be me.