Apr 29, 2010

feeling like crap

i'm one person who becomes a big baby when i'm sick.  for some reason yesterday and today i have felt simply horrible.  and to top it all off, i noticed i took sinus meds that were expired.  great.  so then as i was digging (yes digging) through my linen closet for other meds, it took me about five minutes to open the damn thing.  why do they have to make those packages soo damn hard to open.  oh that rights..cause there are stupid people that like to leave meds around where kids can get a hold of them.  granted i know that kids become smart and figure out how to get to things they want, but ensure you lock up meds.  right about now i could like to cut my head off and throw it out the window.  really i could.  on top of all that...i rather not go to the hell hole i call work.  don't want to deal with my employees on payday.  i feel like raw meat thrown at a hungry lion.  but to make my day better, bones and greys was on.


Vic said...

Feel better hun! I never can get the damn medicine packages open either.....grrrr!~ your quite hilarious!

nanner said...

thanks i try to be witty. oh and i forgot i had a pill in my pocket today and wondered what was poking my leg.