May 1, 2010

a sad saturday night

so it's saturday night and here i am laying in bed...alone.  how sad is this.  i've noticed that as i have become older, that its hard to meet men of substance.  this evening i had a guy ask me to "hang out".  sure, i said, where would you like to go.  he didn't know.  come to find out he wanted to "hang out" at his place. now i know i'm no dummy, but that's just asking for one thing.  so i politely told him another time.  that is soooo frustrating.  men only seeking a quick fix.  is it me????  dating has become exhausting.  i want to wear a sign that says, caution...i can have an intelligent conversation.  the last few years i've met some real crazies.  some who haven't grown up and probably won't before they die.  some who are more lost then waldo and they cannot even find themselves. i just want to yell and scream.  i've tried those dating sites.  yes all of them, with no luck.  again i feel men use those for a outlet to get laid.  ugh.  now don't get me wrong.  nanner has needs, but nanner is looking for more then just a wham bam thank you mame type of guy.  are they still out there?  or, are there any left?  please send them my way.

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Vic said...

Oh my...pathetic....telll him we women like a nice dinner, movie, walk downtown...something...anything but hanging at his place...that's for the tenth date! Geeesh! The site looks fabulous! I really like! ;) xoxoxo