May 16, 2010

you call that a weekend?????

it's been such a llllloooooonnnnnngggggg weekend.  i was assisting at another unit within my company and well the person i was helping i would like to punch in the face.  he is this 22 year old cry baby.  really he is.  he thinks that just because he had to work some extra hours these last few months that he is some super manager.  reality...he's far from it.  i wanted to leave a pair of pampers on his desk with a little note to say grow up a*(&^le.  oh how i would have loved to do that, but he's not worth my energy.  i know i'm a better professional then he'll ever be.

i would have love to spend my time enjoying the outside.  i need to find some energy.  everyday i feel spent.  no enthusiasm to do anything.  i hope that i can get out of this slump.  ifs frustrating and tiring.  i feel like a blob.  

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