May 25, 2010

and the hits keep on coming

so today has been a roller coaster of a day.  this morning we got up early to take my mother to the hospital where she had a cardiac cauterisation done.  if you are not sure what this is, it is when they insert a thin tube in a artery from your groin to your heart and then have some dye highlight your heart to make sure it's not blocked.  my mother has been suffering from shortness of breath and fatigue for some time now.  it was emotional up to the time we got her results.  all in all...there is no blockage WHICH IS GREAT NEWS!!!!  i know that you all don't know me personally.  i tend to have a witty sense of humor.  so all this morning i was teasing my mother about not getting the brazilian wax done (even apologize to the dr) as well as stating to my mother how it's important to meet the men who will be seeing her vajayjay.  i told my father don't be's all medical.  i even went as far as took photos.  yessireebobber i took photos.  they are on my phone so i am not able to up load them here.

so you're probably thinking...well nanners, that's not THAT bad.
oh sit back and relax.

for about five months now i've been interviewing with this larger company so i can get out of my smaller company that sucks ass.  i have had great interviews time after time.  found out today (not by the company itself) that i didn't get the job.  COME ON  i need a new job.  when i say my current company sucks really does suck ass.  my orders are placed on hold since invoices have not been paid.  there is no support from the "corporate office" and the owner looks like fat bastard from austin powers.  not that the last point has any merit, but damn its nice to say from time to time.  all the managers are under paid and over worked.  i'm sure it's everywhere.

so your probably still, well you still have a job

true at that.

so my day continues to facebook

can i just say how you have to love facebook. it is a worth of information whether people know it or not. not important information as in world events. i'm speaking of juicy gossip get on the phone right now and share that crap type of information. i admit i am one nosey person. if i come to your house, yes i'll snoop through your medicine cabinet or open drawers. i don't know why i do this except that i'm nosey. i wave my flag proud on this. with that said....

there was this "guy" who was in my life for a period of time several years back. nothing "facebook official" but i thought we had something.  come to find out, that if it isn't facebook official, it's nothing. granted this guy saw every inch of me, but STILL it was nothing...according to him... he moved a couple of states away for a new job (okay he moved across country) after leaving the area i was in.  after arriving, he had this notion that he wanted a relationship. the funny thing is...he didn't think of a relationship with me. when i brought this epiphany to the lime light, he stated how he didn't know he wanted a relationship while in my area. hmm. i didn't know moving thousands of miles aways brings relationships to a better view. okay..whatever. so needless to say it broke my heart knowing that he was in a "facebook official" relationship with another women. it didn't last, and yes i laughed at that fact. now come to find out that he's in yet another relationship. wtf. how did I find out about this relationship? the same way i found out about the other one..snooped on his page. no no no no. i did not hack into his page, but when someone changes their status from single to in a relationship, it's a damn good clue. i'm still waiting for facebook to come up with the status of 
"yes asshole i know i'm single and no it's not by effing choice"

i digress


Brittany said...

I dont know if I should :) or :(... but even in the midst of major bumming.. you still have an amazing sense of humor.

Some times being single sucks. grr..

but sometimes... (Like when I remember having to pluck BD's back hairs (gag)) its great!

Can't get that image out of your head? me either! (gag!)

nanner said...

thanks brittany. i try to find humor in everything regardless if it's appropriate or not. my sister was getting annoyed with me yesterday about cracking jokes.

being single does suck. i have no one to vent to, no one to cuddle with and no one to call my true love.

p.s...your new man.....HOTTIE