May 2, 2010

mother of mine

i am blessed to have a beautiful, talented, caring, giving, amazing, patient, extraordinary, hands down simply the best mother (no matter what my sister says) known to me.  i know i know.  i'm not bias, but am very thankful for this woman who brought me into this world.  i know it hasn't been an easy road she has taken.  she has given herself to numerous amount people without asking for anything.

 i have no words to describe her strength and courage that i have seen in my thirty some years.  as i have grown older, i want to turn back time to remove any and all pain that she has gone through.  at times i feel i am the parent and want to shelter her from the evils of the world.  even to this day, i hate to see when she is stressed from work, had her feelings hurt, disappointed by others or simply in pain.

these last two years she has gone through a tremendous amount of physical challenges from being attacked by a dog, a broken pelvis, a vicious infection and now some heart problems.  and no matter what i'm doing or where i'm at, she's always taking care of me or my father or my sister.  i admit, and am not ashamed to do so, in saying how i speak with my mother at least once a day if not more.  last summer i taught her how to text.  she is now a texting fool.  it's nice to receive a early morning text from my momma letting me know to have a good day and that she loves me.

i only wish that i can be half the woman she is when i grow up.

my mother


Vic said...

It's an amazing feeling to feel that towards your mother! Soooo glad your close and you'll be just like mother like daughter! xoxox have a happy week lady!

nanner said...

thanks vic. i am very close to my mother. i do hope i grow up to be just like her.

Vic said...

Came back to stalk ya....if you ever wanna guest post on my blog...since you love to chat...feel free just let me know:) k hun! hope all is well! muahhh

Christine said...

That was such a great dedication to your Mom. She sounds like an awesome woman. And it seems like she raised a pretty awesome daughter, as well. I love that you're that close to her:)