May 31, 2010

do you ever feel like the world is closing in on you.  finding your emotions are like splatter paint...all over the place.  that's how i'm feeling right this moment.  i just want to crawl up under my covers and sleep for days on end.  do not want anyone to visit me, talk to me, email me...nothing. 

lately all i can say is how i'm terrible tired.  this can't be right.  i wake up in the morning and tell my self " is going to be a good day" and then i run into people. moody people that say something that just gets under your skin.  irritate me to the point where i can imagine my arm lifting from my side, winding up to gain momentum to bitch slap the person across the face.  only in a perfect world (sigh).  it's that or either cry my eyes out in frustration. 

it's a never ending battle that i fight on a daily, weekly, month, yearly basis. 


Haupi said...

Uh oh Nanners, this was how I was a few years ago when I was just surfing the net and came across this technique on this one site (and I don't know if it's even there anymore - - but anyway the technique was called "Natural Born Releasing" I did it and after 20 minutes - I was a new me and didn't have to go anywhere, take any pills, no money...nothing but this:

Go lay down some where and feel your feelings and they will dissolve. That's it! Boom! This should be on Oprah or taught in churches or something it's so powerful. We all have anger, fear, regret, remorse, embrassment, frustration, anxiety, apathy, grief, lusts, pride...whatever and instead of eating, drinking, watching tv, going out to forget for a while...the technique says we should face the actual "feelings" not review the drama that caused the feelings...just the feeling itself and again, it will dissolve. Hope you find the magic in this because it brought me freedom from a world I hated to be in. I want to be clear..if you're angry for example just bath and wallow in your anger really feel it for about 2 minutes (which is a long time in actual seconds)...and you'll know the feeling of freedom and happiness. Do it and I'm your new best friend - Your blogging buddie


Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi Barb from TTA..I would just like to say..Listen to Haup..She makes me laugh all the time..I'm your newest follower & I bet after seeing the new friends your going to be seeing that follow you, you'll feel better.
When I feel crappy about my life, I see someone who really has it harder than me (like a person who has no legs or burn victim & it helps me have a different prespective on life & to be grateful with what I have & even being alive...
Anyway I hope you feel better (I will say a prayer for you) & I hope you can pop over to my blog @
& take a peek & see if anything inspires you for You/Family/Home & will Follow me as well......Take Care Nanners...(I love that name!!)
P.S. This is really a wonderful bunch of supportive, wonderful friends!!

Rachel said...

Hello. I don't have much advice, but I can tell you what I do. I listen to my "cheer me up" playlist and dance it out. I know it must seem ridiculous and silly, but this is seriously what I do and it works wonders for me.

Following you from TTA. Here's my blog if you get a chance:

nanner said...

thank you ladies for all your support. today, i have to say, is a better day. i'm soooo blessed to have such wonderful words of wisdom.