May 29, 2010

have we forgotten

what the true meaning of memorial day is.  to some it's a time away from work, a trip down to the shore, time to be with family or simply a time to have fun.  i hope we all take time to reflect on the lives that have been lost to serve and protect our country.  think of the families that gave us these proud men and women.  i myself, never though of joining the military.  simply put, i was not brave enough.  i thank all that were brave enough to grant me the freedom i have. 

1 comment: said...

Great point! I was guilty of letting grilling and summer fun be the main point of the day, until yesterday evening it hit me what it is really all about! I strive so hard to keep Jesus the center of Christmas and Easter but I tend to only think about what special dishes I want to make for holidays like Memorial Day! So thankful for the power to change!
Anyway, I'm from TAA, your newest follower!