Jun 19, 2010

back and not fully relaxed

so i went to the shore this past week with the parental units.  let me just say that it wasn't the most memorial time down at the shore.  i was sick as sick can get.  the wednesday before last i came down with this horrible fever, chills and ear pain.  by late wednesday night, the fever lifted but not soon before my mother came to take care of me.  have i mentioned i am a HUGE baby when sick.  so she was kind enough to stay the night to keep an eye on me and clean my apartment.  the next day i didn't have a fever but man did my throat feel like it was all cut up.  i was praying that i would be better prior to heading to the shore.  no such luck.  i suffered through three days of work with not having the ability to eat or drink.  it was H O R R I B L E.  no lie.

so saturday, before heading down to the shore, i decided to stop by the drs office to pick up some good drugs.  my thinking was that a good day and a half of good drugs would make me feel much better to enjoy some of the time down at the shore.  wrong again.  the first few night, again my poor mother, had to deal with a 35 year old baby.  you would think i was dying or something.  still couldn't eat nor drink.  the dr on saturday stated that i had sas.  sick as sh*t.  yup those were his words.  by the time my father got to the shore, the general consensus was to take me to urgent care since i was not getting any better.  the dr. i saw on saturday was not my primary doctor and i don't feel took a good look at me.  the drugs he gave me did nothing.

long story short, i spent seven sunny, warm, clear days at the bed.  i can finally eat and drink, but cannot hear out of my right ear.

with all that said, i hope my luck changes so that i may be the lucky recipient of this coach wristlet giveaway (grinning)


Brittany said...

I hope you start feeling better love!

nanner said...

oh thanks doll. I'm starting to feel somewhat better