Jul 26, 2010

the search party has eneded

i apologize for the delay in writing.  it has been close to a month since i've posted last.  i'll catch you up...

  • i still work for a shitty company
  • i'm still in search for love
  • have, once again, started looking at homes
  • started thinking of myself as mrs. robinson
  • started cleaning out my grandmother's house which is bitter sweet knowing that it soon won't be in the family any longer
  • have been turned down for three jobs
  • went skinny dipping the weekend before last.....AND IT WAS FUN!!!!
so i've been keeping busy as you can see which is no excuse to forget about the blogger friends.

thanks vic for asking where i have been.  LOL


Bloggin in PA said...

I was wondering where you've been! Hope your doing ok, really, though!!! Catch me on gchat sometime if you want to talk!

nanner said...

thanks doll. yeah i've got caught up and haven't had the chance to write. i'll hit you up on gchat

Brittany said...

So glad you let us all know you were alive! We've missed you! :))

Keep your head up, everything will be good! In the mean time more skinny dipping for you! :)) That made me smile! I havent skinny dipped in years!