Aug 3, 2010

so its the end has come

after two and a half years, i have decided to leave my current company.  this is a good thing.  a real good thing.  this last year and a half i have been under utilized as a manager, employee and as a person.  i have been used and abused.  its time for nanners to think of nanners.  i'm excited to start my new adventure.


Brittany said...

bah! Dont scare me like that..

I read the title, and freaked.. I didn't even read the rest!

I thought you were saying you were quitting your blog! :(

but you arent so... :)

I am excited to read about your new adventure!

nanner said...

hahahah brittany.

no chance in quitting this blog. i just need to get my ass in gear more about writing.