Aug 28, 2010

such a sad day

today, several of my dear friends lost their father to cancer.  i didn't know their father as well, but have became close to his children.  he's a father of eight children who all have such unique personalities.  two are in law enforcement, one is a marine, two are in healthcare, another in child care and two, i'm not sure what they do.

his one daughter is set to get married in less then three weeks.  i can't imagine her emotions right now.  i know she, as well as the rest of the family, is relieved that he is out of pain.  on the other hand, every girl dreams of her father walking her down the isle.  i know this is one dream of mine.  call me old fashion.  i've been thinking of my own parents and what i would do if i wasn't able to talk to one of them in person anymore.  i seriously would have to be committed.  maybe not for long, but for a short bit.  i have made them my life as others would make their spouse or children theirs.  i haven't found the loml nor do i have children.

a few years back i had my scare with my own father.  he had a small stroke.  it scared the bejesus out of me.  not knowing what was happening.  how he would be.  i was soooo scared to think my father would not be the same.  he came through it as well as one can.  no real side effects.  i still think his memory is not as well as it once was, but that could also be of old age.

life is so precious and we make the best out of it.  the following picture was actually taken today not knowing that my friends father was going to pass.  the man below allows me to be the woman i am today and i am eternally grateful for that.

my poppy and i


Brittany said...

So happy that you have a great "poppy"

and prayers go out to your friends!!!

nanner said...

thanks doll. yeah i love him sooo much