Aug 11, 2010

is there

someone for everyone??  i'm starting to question this.  also is age really important?  how did life become so complicated.  i want answer and i want them now.  i want to see into the future.  is it bright for me.  am i happy.  i realize that these are answers only i can answer or never will know the answer to.  i just want to know.  is that wrong.  if these questions do not have the answers i'm looking for i want to change it so that they will be.  i want to know the feeling of being in love.  to love and to be loved.

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Brittany said...

GIRL! You and me both! You are going to find someone, when you least expect it!

I am hoping I find someone too. Sometimes being alone really sucks.. but sometimes it doesnt!

I'm going to do a "why I'm happy I'm single" post in the upcoming week!