Aug 6, 2010

i quit

so on monday of this week, i submitted my resignation.  this has been a long time coming.  i've mentioned from time to time how i work for a shitty ass company.  really i do.  so when my coo asked to speak with me on monday, i really was thinking it would be more of getting to know whats been wrong and how they can fix it.  how wrong i was.

i sat in this meeting for an hour and half leaving with me shaking my head.  i explained to my coo how disappointed i was in the company.  how for three months i worked with one day off a week and to even get that day off, i had to find someone to cover for me.  i explained how i had placed my life on hold for this company, not able to make plans within my personal life since i never knew when i would have a day off.  work for a company for two and half years with no performance review or increase.  in turn i was told how i was an inexperience manager, over my head and was the reason of losing a contract.  WOW really????  then in the next breath this person would tell me how she hasn't had a problem with my account and doesn't want to lose me as a manager.

i just know that i am leaving with my head held high.  knowing that i WAS/AM an experience, talented, dedicated, ambitious, driven, hard working, fair manager.  don't you dare, ms coo, think you can beat me down cause what you just did was built me up to laugh as you lose another account due to me...from leaving.

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Brittany said...

You go girl! Hold you head up high! You rock!